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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Choosing the right Network Marketing Company

Deciding on the right company is a difficult task now a day because every day new companies appear. Keeping up with all the companies is a tough job. The huge number of companies makes the work of choosing the right one hard and leads to wasting time. Therefore, before deciding on a company, we must set criteria before we choose to join a network marketing company.

Criteria for Choosing Your Network Marketing Company
1.      Quality of the Company- refers to the ability and commitment of a company to stay and grow in the market place in good times and bad; this include the company’s management experience with integrity. What financial resources do they have? What is there tract record? What is their vision and how serious are they to pursue their vision? Do they carry original products or “me-too products (imitation)”. Are they a member a direct selling association? Do they grow their business on their own merit or do they simply pirate top distributors from other companies and offer them “30 pieces of silver”.
2.      Quality of product value- the ability of a product to satisfy customers needs and wants in relation to the price it is offered. This is the first thing business owners must evaluate as it triggers compensation pay out. With the right product value and the business owners’ belief in the product, it would be easy for a business owner to market it and make a sale. Quality of product value is different from product quality, which does not consider pricing. In addition, it is important to look at the target market of the company of your choice if your product is consistent with the profile of your target market.
3.      Business owner Friendly this thus not mean the company gives away everything. Instead, it means that the company gives equal opportunity to everyone, do the company provides training for the business owner to succeed. For it is in the business owners’ success that the company will also succeed. Do they have a reasonable maintenance requirement especially for business owners who are starting the business?
4.      Quality of the compensation plan this refers to the financial payout that can influence existing and potential business owner to the retailing and sponsoring behaviors desired by a network marketing company. The best compensation plan will maximize retention and minimize attrition by making sure that part-time people get paid early, fairly and often.
The Majority of People in MLM are Part Time and not salespeople they don’t want to learn sales .With these in mind, it’s also important to remember that the vast majority of people in MLM will only sponsor a few people and have a downline of around 15-20 people!! Therefore, here is the bottom line that also reveals the deep dark secret of 99% of MLM Companies. If the compensation plan does not pay out 60-70% on the first three levels, do NOT get involved! Otherwise, the majority part timer will never make solid residual income and quit within a few months! Look for a plan that has already been tested; to be easily duplicate.

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