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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Discipline of the Lead Generation Leader

What is a lead generation? (Commonly abbreviated as lead-gen) is a marketing term that refers to the process of finding people (consumer or business) with a qualified interest in a certain product or service.

The success of any network marketing business depends on lead generation. There are many different ways to generate leads, before we go any further, you need to realize that if you can generate leads, then you should be able to teach your team how to duplicate it, and you will be a valuable leader to many in your business organization.

Lead generation is a process and should be part of an overall marketing strategy. Developing a sales funnel is the most effective way to plan your marketing strategy for lead generation. The sales funnel typically consists of the qualifying steps that prospects take before they become customers. At each step, the prospect is invited to take the next step. As a prospect takes each step, they are pre-qualifying themselves for the next step. Thus, the prospects that go all the way through the funnel and eventually become a part of the team will be very well qualified.

MLM lead generation is performed in multiple ways. Approaching your warm market to generate some leads is the first thing you will do when you start your business. Your warm market will consist of friends and family. The quality of your warm market leads will depend on how you are perceived by them. You have to think about yourself from their point of view. Do they look at you as a person who can lead them to having a successful business? If that answer is no, then I would suggest you skip the warm market altogether until you become successful from marketing only to your cold market

Generating quality leads from your cold market can be a much easier process than from your warm market. It is easier for you to appear as an expert and a leader to your cold market. Your cold market does not know if you are just beginning and have never made any money. When you are just starting out, you can prove to be a good leader simply by getting some results. Also, know that you will be an expert in the eyes of your prospects if you know more than they do about any given topic.

Using modern technology and the internet is a great tool for you to generate quality leads. Internet forums,web 2.0, Facebook, and blogs all offer the business owner free ways to generate fresh leads. There is actually a part in the process that is much more important that must be done before you can generate leads. You need to get traffic to your lead capture pages before you can ever start generating leads. Knowing this fact should make you realize that you need to get 500 or more visitors per day to your website just to get 50 plus leads per day. Most network marketers think that lead generation is the first part of the equation, and they could not be more wrong. As soon as you are able to get quality traffic to your websites, then the mlm lead generation process will become much easier.

Now that we know traffic is the key component to lead generation, you will need to know how to generate this traffic. First, you have to think about what your lead capture page is offering. Your advertisements have to get the attention of the people you are trying to bring to your capture pages. You also have to make sure that your advertisement is congruent to what your visitors will find on your lead capture page. Your advertisement need should be seen by the right group of people. If you can figure out these three components to generating quality traffic, then the lead generation process will be very simple.

Once you begin the lead generation process, your business will start to prosper. As you discover how to generate leads, you will likely be able to teach your team how to do the same thing. The success of any multi-level marketing business is dependent upon the duplication of your success by your team, you will have no problem-recruiting people into your business. By achieving results at any point in this lead generation process, you will be able to successfully move up to the next level, and are able to generate traffic, then you should have no problem converting your visitors into leads. Once you have converted your visitors to leads and your leads have seen how effective your lead generation system worked, then your leads will likely want to join your personal team. Lead generation takes hard work but will lead to success. Nothing can take the place of action when it comes to making a business succeed. Believing in the company and product line is important, but believing in you as an expert in the industry will help build  confidence when prospecting. Ultimately, the paramount secret to success is confidence and hard work.

7 Principles of Effective Lead Generation

1.      Focus on the person responding. Forget about you and what you want. In order for any lead capture page or website to be effective, it must speak to the heart of the person and address their wants and needs. The better you become at-this the more people will opt-in and become a lead.

2.      Offer  value. The reality network marketing is a very competitive kind of business industry in order for you to generate leads,  You must offer something that people really want and give them a huge “incentive” to get them to join you must then also offer a lot of value and go out of your way to build a relationship with them.

3.      Focus in on a very specific target market. The days of being able to target anyone and everyone who is looking for a home business are over. The more you know about whom you are targeting and marketing the better your leads will be.

4.      Provide your potential leads with as many methods as possible to become a lead.Use multiple marketing methods and avoid sticking to only one strategy.

5.      Focus on offering generic training and information.  Stay away from content that promotes only your company and products. While it is fine to have a company specific website and everyone needs one, when it comes to generating a large number of MLM leads you will need to also have a generic website or blog and you will need to offer value to your target market that is not specific to your opportunity.

6.      Brand you.  Focus on what people will get by collaborating with you and make them want to join you and do business with you. Be real and be someone that people can believe in and relate to


7.      Be patient and know that with time people will flock to you with a magnet if you are patient and you take the time to do what it takes.

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