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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Do you wish to increase your monthly income or business turnover and profits margin?

Did you know that one of the most lucrative financial opportunities around today is in the wellness industry? Why? Because everyone wants better health, they want to look younger live longer and enjoy life more as they age. And today there are proven things that people can do to feel better, loose weight, prevent sickness and disease,and have more strengths and vitality even as they grow older. With this in mind we can see that the health and wellness industry is a very promising and favorable business today. Health and wellness products are currently among the latest product trends, and to exploit this opportunity is a very good business for any entrepreneur.

As World renowned and respected economist and author, Paul Zane Pilzer, had predicted that the Wellness Industry will be the next major force in business on the planet, reaching 1 TRILLION dollars in the coming years.
In his book ,“The Next Trillion: How the fortunes of the new millennium will be created in the Wellness Industry”, Pilzer exposes the truth about why half the U.S. population is unhealthy and overweight: Americans have been caught between the economic interests of the trillion-dollar food industry and the trillion-dollar healthcare or “sickness” industry.
Pilzer explains why consumers will turn away from consuming more material goods and instead seek to achieve internal self-improvement – healthier foods, vitamins, nutritional supplements and fitness programs – and why consumers will create a virtually limitless and sustained demand for wellness-based products.
Here are some excerpts I have found in his book The Wellness Revolution: How to Make a Fortune in the Next Trillion Dollar Industry; that speaks about the wellness industry/
“The greatest opportunity in all products of new technology, traditionally and in the future is in the DISTRIBUTION of those products,” he writes, “….the real money is made by people who carry that invention from the laboratory to the consumer, and make an impact on that consumer’s life.Those people are the DISTRIBUTORS of Wellness Products and Services.
We are starting to see the emergence of a wellness distribution business… a business of people who educate people about products and services that will improve their health and develop customer relationships and then people will go back to their distributor of that product for more and more information on food and health.
The number one reason of all reasons (people) turn on the Internet is to find out information about health and wellness. HEALTH is the most popular subject on the web.
Ten years from now…we will look back on this time with the Internet as the BEGINNING of the health and wellness information EXPLOSION that the Internet is causing.”
So how does one get into the wellness business? There are many ways you can join this growing industry however one of the most potential is the Network Marketing Business, with a low start up cost. You can build your business into a multi -million – a year business enterprise.
So whether you are an individual looking to make some extra money or a small business owner who wish to increase your income , Why not sell a high quality vitamin, minerals and herbal food supplements. By joining a good network marketing company.

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