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Thursday, December 8, 2011

How to Attract Prospects


Of all the skills required by any business owners or salesperson, prospecting is the most important, NO PROSPECT , NO BUSINESS, You can be a master presenter, but unless you do not master the Art of prospecting you wont't make much of a living, Prospecting is the most important skill in your network marketing business, and yet the most neglected. So how do you attract prospects so that prospects will come to you instead of you chasing them

Position yourself as a LEADER/EXPERT- Be a student of our industry and continue to add value to yourself by mastering it. People will follow a leader who has created value until they gain enough experience and confidence to challenge for leadership or start their own group. You must build respect and trust with your prospects by offering them more than just another opportunity. You must offer a solution, a system, and your help, positioning yourself as THE LEADER .because that is what a leader does. In return, your prospects will follow you and you will build customers and prospects for life because you have given them something of value.

Make MARKETING your business instead of your company’s product- One of the crucial factors in success of any business is the ability to market your business. This is especially true of network marketing where marketing is the core nature of the business. What exactly is marketing and why is it important to you? Simply stated, marketing is everything you do to place your product or service in the hands of potential customers. It includes diverse disciplines like sales, public relations, pricing, packaging, and distribution. In order to distinguish marketing from other related professional services,(S.H.Simmons), Marketing starts with the customer. Everything about your business has to be focus on providing products, services, and communication to draw customers to YOU. Not you’re corporate supplier or the company you are associated with. Your ability to satisfy them, and bring them back to you repeatedly, will determine the success of your business the foundation of your marketing strategy is your ability to understand your customer. Who are they? Where they are? And how they think and behave

Know your TARGET MARKET- Effective marketing depends on identifying the customers and prospective customers who will produce the best results for your business. Your target market is the focal point of your marketing strategy. By dedicating your business to the satisfaction of that customer, you set the stage for success in the market, financial well-being, and competitive advantage. (E-MYTH MASTERY) if you would know how to target your market to those people who truly need your product and services, think how successful your business would become

Use TECHNOLOGY AND THE INTERNET to market “Information and communication technologies (ICTs) have an immense impact on almost all aspects of our lives. … The capacity of these technologies to reduce many traditional obstacles, especially those of time and distance, for the first time in history makes it possible to use the potential of these technologies for the benefit of millions of people in all corners of the world.”Technology is present in every area of our lives; the reason for integrating technology into your small business should not be that you feel you must, but rather that it meets the needs of your business and gives you an advantage. The basic premise is that the internet is the biggest trend in our lifetime and to build a business you must top the power of the internet. The smaller your business is, the more efficient it has to be. You need to invest your limited resources wisely, which means making investments that are necessary for your business now. At the same time, you need to identify the resources you will need tomorrow including technology that will help your business grow and stay ahead of the competition in the months and years come. Computers, servers, software, and Internet connections are among the investments that small and medium businesses of all kinds — and in all locations, rural as well as urban — need to consider. In fact, an increasing number of small and medium businesses are already utilizing these technologies around the world. Today, more people than ever before use computers at home, school and work, and the number of users are growing each day. The number of Internet users increased from about one per thousand people in 1993 to 75 per thousand in 2003. In all, more than 1 billion people worldwide now connect to the information, communication and other resources available on the Internet, and up to the present out of the total world population of 6,767,805,208 and counting, the latest data of internet users is numbered at 1,733,993,741. This number of internet users has increased by 400% since December 31, 2000 when there were 360,985,492. Therefore, what are the benefits of technology in your business?

ü It helps Grow your business the internet has no boundary if your corporate supplier is present worldwide you too can expand your business without even living the comfort of your home.

ü Work smarter- Efficiency can separate your business from the competition. With the right technology in place, you can organize and manage your business more effectively, and do more with fewer resources.

ü Attracts more customers technology can help you target your market to people who needs your product and services  and increase their interest in what your business is about to offer and helps you build your relationship with them over time.
ü Enhance your value to your prospects by building relationships and giving information that would give an overall improve level of credibility to them.

  BUILD VALUE BY FIRST OFFERING TRAINING/EDUCATING instead of Hype-Network, marketing has an educational system to help a new business owner succeed the key is not so much on the product but the education the organization offers.. As a student for the business as any other profession requires an attitude of a professional. Through the ongoing educational program that would help you learn how to lead and communicate, build organizations and train others to develop leaders, this would help you create value with in your organization. Business owners who seek out and implement training programs for all aspects of their business organization will help to add value and a leg up on the competition.

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