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Friday, December 16, 2011

How to find a proven and legitimate On-Line business Opportunity

In today’s Internet age. It is very difficult to spot a proven and legitimate internet Business opportunity from an on-line business Scam. Because most of these scam & rip-off opportunities are designed to look very legitimate to the new comers and to the “experience” individuals who wants to have a quick income. As a mater of fact, I’ve seen several Income Opportunity scams that would pay their members great profits consistently for over 12 months to bait them into making larger investments right before they Vanished. And also on-line opportunist that offers a low entry with a promise of high return of investments. In which people will be hype up. To invest multiple entries. This is precisely why so many people are being victimized everyday by this so-called Internet companies.

Majority of this so-called Internet money-making Opportunities, whether it be “on Line Network Marketing a.k.a MLM, High yield investment program “start-ups on-line Business opportunists. Advertising (yes I have come to meet one), etc the list could go on. Are either not profitable and an ethical. The truth is that about 99% of this “opportunities would not make you money.
If you are looking for a proven legitimate online home business there are a number of things you can do to try to prove whether the opportunity is legitimate or a scam. This is not always easy but it is to your advantage to invest some time in researching the opportunity before parting with any money.
Be wary of  those sites and opportunities offered to you personally   that make huge income claims, like earn $10 000 in your first week or month with an online business. This really is totally unrealistic and if that amount is perhaps fives times your current salary, do you really think it is possible to earn such a huge income in such a short period with no earlier experience with this type of Internet business?
If the online business opportunity is legitimate then it would not be unreasonable for somebody who has been in the business for a couple of years to be earning a huge income. But be warned that nearly all the business opportunities on the Internet advertise the income of their top earners who have worked hard for a couple of years. They rarely advertise the income of those just starting out in the business. An online business is like any other business; you will need to work hard at building it up over  time to produce a good income.
So then do not get carried away with excitement when you find a Website or introduce to you making such unrealistic income claims. The Internet does not have magical powers to enable us to earn magnificent incomes overnight.
One can get so caught up in all the hype that it is easy to sign up for an online business opportunity that does not live up to its promises and this can result in huge disappointment, so a Website that is not promising the Earth is probably a safer Internet business route to take.
When you find a Website offering an online business opportunity that appeals to you, spend some time going through it and do not jump in immediately and part with your money. You can check its ranking on Alexa. IT IS NOT ENOUGH TO HOLD ON TO THEIR D.T.I CERTIFICATE TO CHECK ITS LEGITIMACY for most MLM companies could show you a D.T.I certificate..
Check on the Website to see if any guarantees are offered, such as a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee or perhaps a 14 or 30-day free trial offer. It is also a good idea to see if any training is offered, as this is really important if you are new to Internet marketing.
There may also be the opportunity to sign up for a free Newsletter, which will give you the opportunity to not only learn from what the newsletter offers but also enable you to get a general feel for the online business opportunity and put you in touch with your referrers.
At the end of the day, once you have researched the Internet business opportunity thoroughly, sleep on it and take heed of your gut feel and all being well you will learn how to use the Internet to generate an income with your own legitimate online business.
And to be safer I would rather invest on an off-line Legitimate Network marketing Company and make the online marketing a part of my entire Marketing Program. Just remember the Internet is one of your marketing tool to provide distribution channel and services to your Prospects and Customers.

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