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Saturday, December 17, 2011

How to Motivate Your Downline to Take Action

One of the most common dilemmas of new, emerging leaders in network marketing is how to motivate their downlines to take action.
No matter how many People you have sign-up for the program most of them or not one of them are truly getting involved in the Program, you give them the trainings and every thing for them to do the business. Even to the extent doing the business for them so they could get motivated to work with you as a Team. But nothing happens. Then it comes to your mind The Questions. What am I doing wrong?

It’s a fair question because the MAGIC of network marketing is the promise of  a BETTER LIFE  by leveraging the time, talent and energy of lots of people.
Lots of people each doing a little bit. Not one person doing everything!!!
So when your downlines doesn’t get busy, when your downlines doesn’t take action, when your team members just don’t seem as serious as you… is there any way to light a fire under their butts to take action??
Unfortunately, none!!!!. This is on in my own PERSONAL  experience.
You cannot promise success more for your team
members than they want for themselves!!!
You can lead them to the starting line, but you can’t run the race for them.
You can support them with training materials, create a system on the internet to make things easy for them to build their business, coaching them, and even encourage them to take part in company sponsored events to get the big picture… you can plant them and take on roots on fertile ground… but you cannot make them grow.
It will never happen!!!!
The truth is Leaders always reveal themselves and if no one on your team is stepping up to BE THE LEADER YOU EXPECT THEM TO BE THEN… the best thing you can do is go build a new team. Plain and simple.
Stop trying to MANAGE your current team. Those who want success will take action. They will call for advice and counsel. They will make sacrifices. They will invest in their own training. They will attend events and company calls. KUKULITIN KA!!! (Pester you) like crazy for the first 30, 60, 90 days JUST TO Learn the business they become so self motivated. That every thing you say they will do THEY BECOME A GOOD DESIPLE TO YOU. And then you’ll hardly hear from them BECAUSE they have stepped into a leadership role and are too busy Building their own businesses organization.
The real sad reality is 85-90% of the people you introduce to this wonderful industry called network marketing will never do anything. Another 5-8% will sponsor a half-dozen new team members, wait for them to make them rich, get discouraged when it doesn’t happen and quit.
So we’re left with 3%!!! These are the people who are committed to producing a result no matter what. THIS ARE Your True leaders. And if no one has revealed themselves as a leader on our current team – GO BUILD ONE!!!

Moral of the Story

Stop trying to motivate your team to take action. Because…
It is much, much easier to find a new horse
than it is to resurrect a dead one.

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