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Thursday, December 8, 2011

How to succeed in Network Marketing

Most people are aware that there is a problem in the system in network marketing. Because we see that there is a big attrition in the industry, about 97% of those who join the business fails and quits. And only 3% make it to the Top. So why do so many people struggle to succeed in this industry? If we say that this is the best solution for financial freedom for those people of low-income to have a better life. Why that BIG ATTRITION?

Two reasons:
  1. YOU what you do or what you are not doing, your attitude towards your business, your commitment to it and your work ethics.
  2. The Educational, information and training they provide you.
So if you are working hard and performing continually in your business and not having the result you want to active, then the only reason you are not having the progress is the Training, Advice and Information they give you is not enough and effective as it should be.
This does not mean that the Training and Education your Upline and company you receive up to this point is wrong or does not work. It is just that it needs to be up graded and fine tuned to meet the growing market of this network marketing industry. Using the standard advice “just talk to people or everyone is your prospect” is no longer effective now, than it was before. Therefore you must be trained today on how to use proven Marketing Methods and skill development for you to succeed which are not being thought in your network marketing business. The truth is most people who join the industry follow the advice of their upline and company, however the same majority fails. Why? Because the basis of this training is base on Approaching Others instated of teaching you How to Position Yourself so that people approach you.
So instead of business owners being trained marketing methods and skills that would attract prospects to approach you, providing them the solution they need, you are being taught “clever” sales principles and tactics to convince your prospects to hopefully be interested  in what you offer, so they will join you. And at the same time also train you to personally deal with rejections you will meet as a result of approaching other people.
These cause business owners to develop sales skills that are based on, Hope, Chance, and a sense of desperation. As a result people see you as just another MLM sales person instead of a solution provider that could give value to them.
If what you offer (your Business and Your Product) is truly good then people should be attracted to you instead of you going out to convince them. Further more business owners are not being trained  how to work effectively with their prospects, to help them what they truly need. You are train to know that everyone needs what you offerand must convince them by presenting it to them, with “enthusiasm” and hard selling them why they need your product and opportunity.
Rather than training you this kind of system; you should be trained on how to position yourself so that quality prospects will come to you and build the business with you.  That is why outside education and training is needed to teach you the Marketing skills to position you as the Leader in your industry, giving people the confidence and trust to partner with you. They become attracted to You, because you give them the solution to their needs.
So how do you attract your prospects to come to you?
  • Position yourself as a Leader/expert of your industry
  • Make marketing your business instead of your company products
  • Know your target market
  • Use lead generating tools to expand your market (ex. technology and the internet)
  • Build value first by offering quality education and training instead of Hype
These methods will position you and Brand you, resulting to people joining you instead of your company.
Branding your company instead of you is one major issue for most business owners because; most business owners are spending most of their time branding their network marketing company, instead of them selves in the process! And this kind of system actually hurts your business and prevents your potential as an independent business owner, leader and solution provider.  Further more doing this process, promoting your company, your prospect sees that your company as the solution provider instead of you. This makes you the business owner only as a “middleman” for your corporate supplier and this method prevents your ability to build your own business organization or community who will follow you.  And this is your GOAL!  Building of your OWN community of loyal costumers and business owners.
Branding yourself is critical because you are seen as an expert and a solutions provider to your prospects instead of your corporate supplier. This would result to having control of your costumers and down lines instead of the company you represent. So if something happens to your corporate supplier. You will still have your community attached to you, so you could lead them to any opportunity you need or wanted. With this you can also earn multiple streams of income with your community and can offer them more solution to those people.

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