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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Network Marketing Sales Training

If you are in the Network Marketing Industry it is important that you have a sales training, unfortunately this is where a number of network marketing companies fail to provide their independent distributors.
To understand why sales training is essential to your network marketing business, we have to understand the concept behind the Network marketing Industry.

The network marketing industry has its roots on direct selling. Where direct selling had been an integral part of the economic landscaped since the earliest days of recorded business History. In the year 1940 the Direct selling industry start to embrace the concept of the “independent contractors” It develop distributor contracts that specified the distributors are in business for themselves and thus were required to pay all cost of doing business including transportation, purchases of samples, and promotional materials. The result was that the independent contractor status positioned the direct sales distributors as cheaper labor supply.
Therefore Network Marketing is essentially a sales business that uses direct selling and relationship referrals as a method of marketing and selling a company’s products or services. Individual network marketers act like a franchisee to the parent company and are paid a commission based on the volume of product or services sold as a result of their own organizations’ efforts.
The first thing that we can draw from this brief summary is that network marketing is a sales business and despite the many network marketers who try to tell their prospects otherwise….You do not get paid in network marketing unless your business is making a sale. Therefore the sooner you can accept the fact that you are working in a sales business the better.
If You Are In Network Marketing, You Are In Sales”!!!
So why then do most people say that network marketing is not sales? One logical answer to that is that they do not want to scare their prospects away. They want people to get this nice, cozy feeling that all we’re doing is telling the rest of the world about our wonderful product and people will be so swept away by our enthusiasm that they’ll automatically buy. After all, it’s common knowledge that most people hate sales. So uplines and sponsors will beat around the bush and basically sugar-coat this inconvenient and uncomfortable fact:
Understand this that every time you speak to your prospect about your opportunity or your product you are doing sales. IN THE FIRST PLACE WHY DO YOU WANT TO “SHARE” YOUR PRODUCT OR OPPORTUNITY TO OTHERS! Why? Just to share them or close a sale?
Selling is not sharing and sharing is not selling.
So what had been the result of this “sharing” mind set in our industry what had been its effect?
Here are the two major side effects of this lie:
1. There’s a huge deficiency of proper sales training because if it’s not sales,
Then there’s no need for sales skills. As a result, people are thrown to the wolves totally
Unprepared to retail their products and their opportunity.
2. People are set up for failure because they’re given false expectations about how easy this is going to be. Labeling this whole business as “sharing” makes it sound easy for them just like a walk in the park or a child’s play. Later to find out; how challenging this business is.
When people are fed the idea that it’s simply a matter of sharing, they’re in for a very harsh reality check.
They go out and eagerly “share” their incredible product with all their family members, only to be sorely disappointed when they’re shot down. Then they’re baffled as to why it didn’t work for them!
The earlier your prospect knows what she/he expects to do in their business the better. Once they understood this more open for them to understand and learn the value of effective sales skills.

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