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Monday, December 5, 2011

Why Network Marketing?

There are millions of people in the network marketing industry and millions more are coming in every year. Network Marketing is BIG BUSINESS! Over 15 million US distributors , About 175,000 or more Join weekly, US sales near $30 billion per year, Network Marketing is offered in MORE THAN 140 countries, World wide sales is estimated to be approaching $100 billion, and there are 475,000 individuals world wide joining each week.
Why are so many people joining the Network Marketing Industry?

• The network marketing business model has proven the test of time It has been in our midis for over 60 years now.
• It does well in every economic cycle
• Network Marketing has the ability to become a multi-million-dollar-a-year enterprise!
At a time of great economic difficulty, network marketing is a business opportunity for people to make a transition from the E & S Quadrant to the B & I quadrant to a more secure income. As people are slowly coming to realize that a safe and secure job is only a thing in the past and as more people realize they need, and indeed have a better option, the growth of this industry will grow at a tremendous rate around the world. In today’s Information age looking for a job is the wrong way to go about finding work or renewing your career, because let us face the TRUTH! Jobs are disappearing there would come a time when jobs would be just a hand full of them. Why? Because in our fast-moving information age, thy are no longer the best way of getting work done. Many successful business organizations that you wish you could work for today are already getting their work done without much reliance on jobs.

I would like to share with you an excerpt from a book of Robert Kiyosaki Retire Young Retire Rich :
“Today, when I talk to people who are worried about their retirement or their mutual funds in there retirement account. I often recommend they add to there portfolio a network marketing business. I say to them” if you really follow the lessons taught by some of the network marketing business, and you build a solid business with solid people in your network, you will find that the business to be far more secure than the the mutual funds found in your retirement fund. If you truly work hard to make those in your network rich, they in turn will make you rich and very secure, in my mind, a network marketing business is far more secure than the stock market because you are counting on people you have grown to love and trust all of you are harnessing the power of Metcalfe’s law… the law that measures the power of networks. (Retire Young Retire Rich By Robert T. Kiyosaki)

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