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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Buying Smart!

Many consumers believe that they are saving every time they buy on a discount store. Are we truly saving on a discount store or are we spending? Supposing you are buying an item that is worth 100.00 pesos having a discount of 40% are you saving? NO! YOU DO NOT “SAVE” 40.00 pesos. You are still spending 60.00 pesos, for when you take out 60.00 pesos from your packet to buy, you do not only lose the 60.00 pesos you also lose the ability to invest that 60.00 pesos and grow money using it. That is why being a consumer is a big drain in your net worth, Buying takes away your money and not increasing it. Being just a costumer will never build you financial security. The truth is buying in a discount store do not save you money, Yes! you spend less but you are still spending.
So how can a consumer like you who spends every penny they make have no assets and only liabilities save? In Robert Kiyosaki's book Increase Your Financial I.Q, one of the basic financial I.Q is to make more money. So as a consumer can we make money while spending and build assets on every products we buy?
Yes we can!
What if we could find a “store” who treats his costumers as business affiliates instead of consumers only? And what if we could build a business and earn money build equity while shopping in that “store” What a revolutionary concept that would be! Suppose in that “store” they start to encourage you as a costumer to become business partners by helping you set up your own referral-base business, and at the same time the more products you market to your business organization the bigger the discount you receive, aside from that they offer you rebates on all the products you personally purchase.
And instead spending a huge amount on advertising they pay you referring friends and family to that “store” by word of mouth.
So what will happen! What if in the course of building your referral-base business you have build a business organization of 4000 business affiliates buying an average of 1000 pesos per mouth from your corporate store, the total volume produce is 4,000,000 pesos per month; if your corporate partner pays you 1% to 3% of the volume produce from your business organization you will be earning 40,000 pesos to 120,000 pesos per mouth! Would you like to be a part of that kind of “store”!
Fortunately there is a kind of “Store” like that ;it is not the kind of store you buy into. But it is an emerging industry today this store that I refer is the network marketing Industry. In network marketing you simply BUY INTO and Become part of an EXISTING SYSTEM. It is a type of a consumer base business in which you are compensated in using the products, and building YOUR BUSINESS. It is a proven industry that people from every walks of life are turning to; a way for the average person to achieve there dreams.
Partnering with a network marketing company that markets highly consumable products such as beverages, personal and skin care and nutraceticals make you a smart consumer. Just imagine all the products you buy for yourself and your family would create an income for you, this would give you the chance to ownership, FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE and TIME FREEDOM. And that is what network marketing is all about.

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