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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Creating True Wealth

Wealth creation as opposed to income creation isn’t limited by the time- for- money trap because of a concept called LEVERAGE. The only way to create true wealth is to leverage your time, money and effort so that 10 hours of work equals 100 hours of pay.
You see, the rich get richer because they take advantage of leverage by investing their money over time. A classic example of leveraging money is investing in the stock market. No doubt you’ve heard of Warren Buffet. He’s a living legend on Wall Street and the second or third riches man in the world. He builds his fortunate the old-fashion-way. He leverage others people money and made himself and his investors rich in the process.
 So what is difference between income creation and wealth creation? Income creation is temporary … you have to work or you don’t get paid. Wealth creation is permanent; you only have to work once then you get paid over and over again, even if you stop working already. It is a way for you to escape the time-for-money trap.
The only way for you to build true security is to build a system that would create true residual income, then and only then you will become financially free.
So why network marketing? Network marketing uses the power of leverage to create a residual income which continues to pay you over and over again. It allows you to work smarter, not harder to earn you money… of all the possible investments such as the stock market or real estate, Network Marketing in my own Personal opinion is by far the safest because of its low start-up cost (php250.00) and it gives you a high potential returns, and allows you to have complete controls of your financial success. Network marketing could be the best alternative for the average Filipinos who have Dreams for financial freedom.
To your success!!!
Arnold V. Lazano

Some notes are excerpts from the book Copycat Marketing 101.
By Burk Hedges

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