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Friday, February 10, 2012

Do Not Let Amateurs Fool You

As a Network Marketer with 6 years of experience, I have been also  fooled by many amateur network marketers acting like Professional network marketers.

And as part of my learning experience I have joined some of them. The good news is after making several poor choices on who to join, I begin to see a common thread between amateurs and professionals. And a part of my learning I have learned how to spot a real professional network marketer. Now some of you will wonder why it matters, rather the person sharing the opportunity is an amateur or a professional. Well as for my own personal opinion it matters!!! And it matters A LOT. See the person you join in your Network Marketing business can either help lead you straight to success or they can lead you in the direction opposite of success. So working with a professional gives you a better chance of having success.

Now the first thing I noticed about amateurs in network marketing is that the first thing they tell you is they have a business that is better than the others, and you must join or lose for the rest of your life. Sounds familiar?  You may say that all Network Marketers say those words. The issue here is that they have not yet found your need. Thinking that everybody is interested in there business. Now the Professional will gather some information prior to mentioning anything about their business. See the professional understands that their business is not for everyone. The Professional realizes they really do not want to work with everybody; therefore they need to kind of interview individuals to see they are a good match.

Another way to tell the amateur is by the way they listen and respond to your questions. If the person is avoiding all your questions and if every response tells about something they have accomplished. A true Professional does not have to brag about their self every time you ask them a question. They simply answer your question with confidence. Many amateur network marketers are so busy trying to convince you of all that they have accomplished that they avoid the questions. They also have poor training. Professional network marketers will answer your questions and make sure you have enough information to make a logical decision, because the professional understands that if you have all the information up front it will avoid problems on the back end.

Finally, look for third party references about the individual with whom you are speaking. Do some research and make sure that they are connected to individuals who can actually help guide you to success. Make sure there is a team with the individual, and not just the individual working solo. One thing I have learned from my 6 years in this industry is that it takes a TEAM to build a successful organization. I also realized that there is not an “I” in TEAM. As you search for a business to gain financial freedom, make sure that you are ignoring the amateurs and attaching yourself to a Professional.
Arnold Lozano

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