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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

MLM Leadership!

I believe that network marketing success has more to do with Leadership than any other single component, even more than how well you can present, how well you know your company's products and services or how well you can give a testimonial at the weekly open meetings.

It's all about your leadership!

 Good leadership in MLM translates  your capacity to influence your prospects and to inspire people around you to follow exactly what you say. Your leadership qualities are shown in how you deal with your leaders and your business organization, and how you train them in such a way that they inherit the same vigor that you have. Good leadership is how you encourage everyone, by good example, to not give up despite difficult circumstances. It is only with great leadership that the momentum of any network marketing business is continued to reach unimaginable heights, leadership is not a requirement it is necessary for the success of your business. Here are some keys that would remind you on your leadership qualities

Key #1: Leadership begins in the mirror. No one, I repeat, NO ONE will follow you if you have not learned to manage yourself. What does managing yourself mean? It means that you have dominion over the four aspects of your being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This means you are in control of you. Leaders hold dominion over self, first and foremost.
Managing your Physical means you exercise eat well, drink lots of fresh water and do the things that cause you to have a healthy, energetic and vibrant body.

Managing Your Emotional self means you don't allow yourself to have emotional breakdowns or flare-ups around those who are looking to you for leadership. Having a positive out look of all the circumstances you in counter is a sure sign of a Good Leader  

Managing your Mental means you direct your thoughts, not the other way around. Your persistent pattern of thinking creates your world. How you feel is not the result of what is happening in your life. It is your INTERPRETATION of what’s happening in your life.. Your thoughts;…. You are the one who decides how and act base upon the way you perceive your life. Nothing has any meaning except the meaning you give.

Managing your Spiritual  self means you do what is necessary to feed your spirit, your soul, that infinite aspect of yourself that you must be in alignment with if you are to create true and lasting harmony, joy, fulfillment, prosperity and every good thing. You must feed your spirit, otherwise, everything else you do will not bring you joy. You know people who reach the highest levels of success and have lots of money, but they're unfulfilled and empty.
It's because they have a hungry spirit. Feed your spirit and your success will be sweet and lasting.

Key #2: Leaders Say "I'll Go First!" Stop asking people to follow you. Stop expecting people to follow you. When there's something that needs to be done, step up to the plate, raise your hand and say "I'LL GO FIRST!"
Leaders don't ask anyone to follow them. They get followers as a natural and organic outgrowth of being willing to fearlessly go first. Going first means you're the pioneer and you may get shot with “arrows "(so to say…) which is okay. You'll survive. And, you'll get the first fruits because you went first. And first fruits are better than leftovers.
Those who fearlessly go first are always richly rewarded.
Key #3: Face Every One of Your Fears or You'll Create Them What you fear, you create. What you fear, you attract. Put yourself in a position where you'll have to face your every major fear. How?
By getting a coach or a mentor! Be open to mentoring learn from the people who went first and follow there advise. By taking that kind of action, this would bring you more confidence to work your business without fear or resentment..

Key #4: People Don't Care How Much You Know Until They Know How Much You Care “ alam ko na lagi natin naririnig ito”, and forgive me that I would say it again… because it's true!!!
No one cares about what you know. They only want to know if you care.
Leaders care. How do you show you care?
By showing a genuine concern for the people you meet each day you have to develop an attitude of caring for others and adding value in them. HONESTY and TRUST BUILDS RELATIONSHIPS.

 Practice these keys, and I guarantee people will start to follow you, your business will begin to boom and you'll feel a whole lot better about the success you're creating.


 Good fortune!

Arnold V Lozano

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