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Sunday, February 12, 2012


My first encounter with network marketing in 2004 was not a pleasant one I was only interested for its financial gain as most people do when they first encountered it, I have never heard about network marketing before. That is why I was lured in to a get-rich quick scheme, I lose big money from that but that did not stop me from pursuing the industry , I read and learned about it by myself I had no up line support to mentor me but I was thankful that I have entered this business. I investigated this industry and was impress of what I have learned and at the same time frustrated by the way, most companies and distributors are doing.   
They got it wrong due to ignorance, incompetence or, in too many cases, corruption and greed .The result is that more than 90% of all so-called 'network marketing' opportunities are not REAL network marketing at all. They intend to make money out from people who do not understand the concept and the principle behind the industry. Giving the industry a bad name and lowering it to a place like con and scammers!!!  Despite the challenges and risk involved in building a network marketing business, I still believe that is still the best business model.
 According to Michael E. Gerber in his book, The E Myth.
Business starts and fails in  an increasing staggering rate. Every year over 500,000, people start a business of some sort. By the end of the first year, at least 40% of them will be out of business. Within five years, more than 80% of them 400,000 will fail and if you own a business which has manage to survive for five years or more do not breathe a sigh of relief, more than 80% of the enterprise that survive the first five years fail in the second five years. 

So with network marketing industry 90% of companies that enter the network marketing industry would not see their second birthday and 95% of them never see their fifth birthday .and 97% who enters the network marketing as I.B.O QUITS/INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTORS/NETWORK MARKETERS...etc Quits! and only 3% pursue the business. With all that was given in both the traditional business and the network marketing business I still concede that the network marketing industry, is still the best business for me.
Network marketing, when it is done PROPERLY, is the most ethical, enlightened, efficacious, equitable and egalitarian way to do business of all – but ONLY when people who are ethical, has strong moral values, and demonstrate true leadership could do it properly. Sadly, to say many network people do not understand the principle behind the industry in which it must operate in order be truly successful.
The true essence of networking is generosity, giving is the core of it, everyone who are successful in networking are people who are willing to give their   time, talent and mentorship to the people in their organization. It is building and being part of a community. 
 Communities build on trust and giving generously and inhabited by people who are the best at what they do, it is the art of giving to promote the advancement of others. With this in mind and putting it to action only then we can say that we are truly successful in this industry.
Net work Marketing is Leadership business. It is the building of relationship; it is the development of a team that will support your efforts and the effort of your network teammates in order to reach your respective goals.
Networking is a microcosm of life; it is more about how you live your life than what you receive. It is about developing expertise, giving, sharing, and building the best relationship. It is the realization that people and generosity is the most important thing in life. That nothing else comes close. And it is about making a dedicated and concerted effort to steer your life in that direction, it is about surrounding yourself with the best in order to build and enjoy a fulfilling life.

To your Success!
ArnoldV. Lozano


  1. Nice one!very informative. really madame na ang naeeng ganyo sa etwrok marketing at isa ako dun.pero di ko na tinuloy..may mairerecommend po ba kayong company na legit and has all the descriptions na binanggit nu??")

  2. Meron din Marian Puwede ka pumunta sa site ng DSAP.. para makita mo ang member companies Which in my oppinion could be legitimate because they abaide by the rules of the association. further more Marian Look also for a business organization that will provide you the Educational system for you to succeed.