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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


The First Fuel that would keep our passion in building our NETWORK MARKETING Business.

Visualization is a powerful technique, both for achieving specific goals and improving your self-image. We are constantly visualizing but most of our visualizing is subconscious, and many times, they are actually destructive to our success. However, many athletes, entertainers, and successful people know the importance of focus visualization.
We need to condition our minds to picture the outcome of what we want to achieve. We need to cultivate our ability to use mental pictures that focus and guide our creative energy to bring what we desire to accomplish. To visualize is not just to think about it but also to actively see it.
As Stephen R. Covey in his book the 7habits, he noted that all are created twice; there is a mental creation or first creation, and the physical or the second creation. Excellent athletes are almost all visualizers; they literally experience the victories in their minds long before they experience them.
Visualizing what you want before it happens is one powerful strategy in your business. For instance in doing presentation; ether a one on one or a group presentation.  Picture yourself successfully doing it and the people around you satisfied and inspired in what you have presented. Having this kind of positive visualization will also prepare you to answer any objection you would encounter and it will give you the strong self-confidence you need. Doing your business you must create a clear, strong vision of the outcome your business will be. What do I want my business to be? Whom do I want to work with? What will it contribute to others? Visualize how many leaders and entrepreneurs there are in your organization, imagine standing in the middle of a stadium with 75,000 business partners around you everyone satisfied because you have help them succeed. Imagine the kind of lifestyle you have because of it. It is not just enough to visualize the life you want to have. You must also visualize the kind of business you want to achieve.

Arnold V. Lozano

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