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Saturday, March 10, 2012


Teams outperforms individual acting alone or in larger organizational groupings, by focusing on performance and team basics. Our team can deliver the performance result we want to achieve. This is one of the greatest strength of our business; you are in business for yourself but not by yourself and sharing the same attitudes and vision, helps maximize the results of every team partner’s efforts. Lake for instance:

Edification. This refers to building up your team and speaking positively of them. Will give more credibility in your team’, and thus increases the ability of teamwork. Team members who are achievers build each other up and never tear each other down.
 Loyalty. Network marketing is a leadership business and as a team leader, you will never get ahead until your team is behind you, loyalty to the team will increase your credibility, and your team would learn to trust you and be very loyal to you. BE LOYAL TO PEOPLE WHO ARE BEHIND YOU no matter what the person is. We need to create trust, nothing good happens without trust. With it, you can overcome all sorts of obstacles. You can build a business team that everyone can be proud of.
 Respect. Honor each individual’s personal and religious beliefs, as this is an opportunity open to all. The empowered team is an organization open to all we welcome everyone who has a dream and willing to pursue it. Genuinely care for each other, show you care. Respect the dignity of each individual in your team as well as the people around you. Be willing to show kindness to everyone.

No cross lining, Business affairs and concern of team members who are not in your business team are best referred to their upline leaders for resolution and council. We have learned as an organization and as individuals not to intrude, and to team strictly to your own lines of sponsorship. Sharing negatives or giving advice to crossline could damage or even destroy the business in the future.

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