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Monday, March 12, 2012

What do we Teach?

We tell new Team members to be positive, but we don’t tell them the exact method to quickly reprogram their minds.

We tell new Team members to talk to their skeptical relatives and friends, but we don’t tell them exactly which statement to use to approach their prospects.

We tell new Team members to be leaders, but we do not teach them to be one

Our problem is that we are so excited about sponsoring the next new Team members that we forget our duty to develop and train our present Team members. Its human nature, but at least we can Train our selves to form that habit of sponsoring and teach what is most important to our team members.

I make a conscious decision to invest time, money and energy in every Team Partners that joins my Group. The key to your success depends so much of the quality of leaders you develop

And what’s really important about all this? It’s not what we teach and train, it is what our new Team members master. Usually the new Team members only masters two or three principles at best. That just means I must keep investing time and energy until the job is done.

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