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Monday, April 23, 2012

Deciding To Quit or To Continue In Your Network marketing Business

A large majority of people that join a MLM business are at some point faced with the reality of making a decision on whether to continue, or to Quit the business. I would estimate that over 90% of people who enter these types of businesses are not successful, and are spending more money than they earn. It gets to a point where people will ask themselves “what is the point of continuing”? In some cases people quit too early, and were not far away from tasting success. In other cases people that are not seriously committed choose to continue and end up wasting their time and money.

When a person first joins this type of business, it is normal for them to feel excited, motivated and positive. The business owner starts off dreaming of "BIG MONEY" , and is seduced by the over inflated income claims that have been advertised by the company. They have been convinced that they can build a lifelong residual income by following the simple instructions given by the company. Thoughts of quitting their day job come to mind, and a lifestyle of luxury will follow. The new company that they have joined is going to be answer to all of their problems, and they can’t wait to get started. This stage is referred to as Phase 1 of the journey.

Then slowly the excitement, motivation and positive thoughts begin to fade away. After the first 2 or 3 months the person has made no money, or very little money. Things are not going to plan, with negative emotions such as frustration and disappointment taking over. Is it my companies fault, or is it my fault? What are the reasons for my lack of success? Can I still be bothered with this? Will it ever make me money? Should I continue or should I just quit? This is the critical point where some serious decision making become crucial. This stage is referred to as Phase 2 of the journey.

So you are now at the critical point where you really have to make sure you are making the correct decision. In my experience there are 4questions that you need to ask yourself, and you need to come up with honest answers to each question. The 4 questions are as follows:

1. Am I passionate about my business? Do I feel motivated to work on the business as I get up each day?

It is extremely important to be passionate about your business. You must love the products/services and be proud of the fact that you work with them. You should be thinking about your business on a daily basis and brainstorming new ideas on how you can make it work. The business needs to give you sufficient excitement or satisfaction to inspire you to work hard at it. If you are simply not motivated to work hard on your business on a regular basis, then you can guarantee that you will never be successful in it.

2. Do I know anybody in my business that has proven results that proves it is actually possible to succeed?

You must be certain in your mind that it is possible to achieve success with your company. Do you personally know anybody that has proven results, and do you trust these people? The more people that you know for a fact are getting results, the more it is going to inspire you to become one of them. Don’t just trust what your company has advertised. Anyone can make up a nice looking list of fake testimonials (even though it is illegal) to boost sales. Remember there are plenty of companies out there that want your money, and are prepared to do and say whatever it takes to get you to open your wallet.

3. Am I getting the support that I need from my sponsor and other leaders of the company? If not, then can I get the support and training that I need?

If you don’t think you are getting sufficient support and training, then it is your job to seek out the people at the very top and tell them. A good company will point you in the right direction and make sure that you are on the right track. It is in the sponsor best interests to help you anyway. The more money that you make, the more money that they make! Sometimes a word in your sponsors’ ear doesn’t hurt either.

4. Have I given the business a red hot go so far? Come on be honest, have you given your business 100% effort up until this point?

If you can honestly say that you have given maximum effort to your business so far, and you are not getting the results that you want then there must be areas on for it. Have a good chat with your sponsor or other leaders and pinpoint the reasons why you have not been successful. What are the things that you are doing wrong? What are the things that you need to improve on?

If you feel that you have not given the business 100%, then that is more than likely a major reason why you have not been successful yet.All of the top earners in this NETWORK MARKETING business are focused and committed to making it happen, no matter what. For them, failure is simply not an option.The top earners are proactive, and they are also physiologically unemployable.To gain success in any field you have to work very hard to achieve it.

This brings us to Phase 3 of the journey where you either end up with financial freedom, or you decide to quit and to jump into another opportunity or quit the business  all together.

In conclusion, if you have answered YES to all 4 questions,then I recommend that you soldier on and work hard on your weak points. You have the characteristics to succeed and will make it eventually, as long as you don’t quit. Try to seek out and model the top leaders in your company and success will be yours. If you answered NO to all 4 questions then it is best that you throw in the towel and quit, because you are just wasting your time. If some of your answers were YES and some of them were NO, then you will need to make up your mind. I would trust my gut feeling in this situation, but if decide to continue then make sure you are serious and committed.

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