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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Four types of networkers

Wholesale Buyers. These people are not interested in the business aspect but join simply in order to purchase unique and superior products at wholesale prices. They might make up between 5% -10% of the network.

Active Wholesale Buyers. Similar to the last group, they are focused on the products. However, unlike the first group, they take advantage of the benefits of ‘word of mouth recommendations’. By sharing the product benefits they have experienced, they make enough profit to cover the cost of their own purchases. Active Wholesale Buyers may account for 30% – 40% of your network.
Part Timers. They are building a business part-time, usually in the evenings and/or weekends. Enjoying the benefits of networking they are learning, then teaching others, whilst earning an extra amount per month. Over time they build an organization by using the products themselves, sharing them with others, as well as introducing a number of people into the network who wish to do the same. Part Timers may make up 35% – 45% of your network.
The Power Players - The 4th and smallest group are Network Entrepreneurs. Usually they account for less than 5% of your network. These are people who bring in five figure monthly incomes yet still often only work PART TIME! These income levels are not generated by personally selling large quantities of product, but by supporting and mentoring the Part Timers in building huge organizations through a simple system of teaching and training.
All four types are needed to create a stable, secure network. You choose whatever level suits you

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