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Saturday, November 17, 2012

It’s Not About Income— It’s About Assets That Generate Income by Robert T. Kiyosaki

It’s no wonder so many people don’t understand the value of network marketing:
Many of those who are actually involved with it themselves don’t fully grasp the value
of what they hold in their hands.

When people go to hear network marketing presentations, often their main
question is, “If I join this business, how much income can I earn here?” And no
surprise, when you listen to people promote their network marketing business, often
that’s exactly what you will hear them talk about: how much you can earn on a permonth
The reason people want to know how much they can earn per month is
that they are thinking in terms of living in the E quadrant or S quadrant. They
are thinking about supplementing or replacing their current E quadrant or S
quadrant income.
But that’s not where the real value of network marketing lies.
The problem with earning income is that it’s an incredibly limited, linear
process. Work an hour, earn a dollar; work two hours, earn two dollars. It depends
on you, which means you can never stop. As I said before, it’s a trap. Most people
instinctively sense that, but they assume that the way out of the trap is to earn
more income. But earning more income doesn’t change the basic fact of being
tied to your income. In fact, often earning more income only serves to draw the
noose tighter.
The B and I quadrants are not about earning more income; they’re about
owning assets that generate income.

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