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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


We are in the network marketing industry but some of us do not have the Knowledge and the skill on how to network, so what is networking really? Networking in its real definition is the building and maintaining relationships, it is the process of developing and nurturing personal and professional contacts to obtain referrals, advice, information, support and energy. It is the development of a team that will support your efforts and the efforts of your Teammates to reach your respective Goals. The object is to build the best possible team.
Networking extends into every aspects of our life, it is something that we have been doing all our life but not realizing it; like when we recommend a movie, or a good restaurant we are networking. It is our ability to relate and talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere, this does not  mean interchanges of a simple “HELLO” or “HI” to everyone we meet but having sincerity and true interest in getting to know that person. Goodwill is the foundation for making good contacts, developing an attitude of caring about others and adding value will forge bonds that will develop into close and meaningful relationships. That is the key for developing and maintains your networks.
Networking is not sales and sales is not networking, they are inter related but they are not the same. It is a life style not a work style the best Networkers are not networking because for them it is a way of life. “Top Networkers and Professionals always say that they do not network for financial rewards; rather they network because they love helping people.
The most important benefits of networking are the benefits of the day-to-day business productivity, efficiency, and achievements.
 You can and will achieve your dreams, if and when you have a genuine and sincere to network with others. In this business, Trust is very important; it makes others join you easier! A referral is worth its weight in Gold!  SO TAKE TIME TO BUILD TRUST SLOWLY.
In this business I am building bridges for people to help me become Successful and become what I wanted to be. Every time I introduce this opportunity to others I am creating a new Business in that person, and that makes me feel good about my self and I enjoy helping other People
Networking is truly a business of Helping Other People Business!!!

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