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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


The starting point behind every business idea is passion. for the entrepreneur, passion is the urge or compulsion to express your creativity by bringing something new into the world
something that you have daydreamed about for many years, something.... a hobby or a vocation... that excites and energize you to the core. you can't learn it. you can't buy it. you know it when you have it   

Passion: Powerful feeling; lust; sexual desire; an outburst of strong feeling. To look at the meaning of passion it has only a short definition, because it is base on emotion that goes beyond reason. When a person is passionate about something or someone there is no way of stopping him, he becomes unstoppable. Passion generates a supply of positive energy. When you are passionate about what you do it is not just the destination that matters, but the entire journey from the beginning to the end becomes an adventure. You will be highly motivated and become more creative in what you do. Your work becomes a game that you enjoy and you would not fill the difficulty .For it would become a play to you. Moreover, when people start to see how passionate you are they become involved you become like a magnet that pulls others towards you. They would share your passion and enthusiasm.
And in business passion is the fuel that would drive you forward, it would move you through despite challenges and difficulties, it would be the force that would create value, to lead and to inspire. 

So how important is passion?

 It is crucial to your business success.  Passion is everything and you are the flag bearer the embodiment of your idea, your passion for your business will inevitably bring you to failure and success.  When you lose your passion, you will lose your interest of pursuing your dreams this could spell the end of all you hope for in achieving your dreams and living the kind of life you wish to live.

 Your passion would push you beyond your limits it would be the energy source that would drive you to create a world-class business organization with an unrelenting focus on your vision of the future, it compels you to take the risk, to commit in the face of resistance, the doubts of others and your own personal fear of failure.

To begin you have to define your vision of your mlm business. What do I want my business to become? Would it be a world-class business organization? And with it, associate it on what kind of life style you want to live.

Then  find a mentor who can help you move forward, start by making a list of qualities such a person should have and look who in your network have that kind of quality.

Educate yourself about the industry be a leader and an expert to create value to your organization. 

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