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Friday, February 1, 2013

Knowing Your Target Market First

To build a solid foundation for your network marketing business you must first identify your prospects. you must decide who you want to attract, know their needs and wants then offer them solutions.

So first ask the Question…
"What kind of people might be interested in joining my business?"
If you plan to succeed you better know who this persons  are --including the things they're interested in and the problems you can help them solve.


 Because True marketing is the art of finding people who are already looking for what you offer and offering then the solution.

Therefore it starts with asking and then answering the right questions...
  • "WHO is your target market?"
  • "What kinds of things are they looking for, thinking about, and talking about?"
  • "What are some of their problems that you can help solve?"
Knowing this is the first step in attracting a continuous stream of highly interested prospects to you... effectively, confidently, and   knowing your target market will give you the sense of direction to where you focus your time and energy in building your business.. 

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