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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


One of the biggest problems in MLM is attrition. Many distributors who join any network marketing company quit within the first few months, often without sponsoring anyone. Streamline sponsoring is very popular now with many distributors as it, helps build volume quickly and even people who join as customers can receive a check.

How does streamline sponsoring work?

Everyone in the stream is placed under each other for maximum teamwork and volume. This works because of compensation plan, which includes dynamic compression. This means if anyone is inactive, the commissions simply compress up to the next qualified person. Commissions are paid out from the bottom up.

When customers and distributors are earning commission checks and their downline is growing, they are much more likely to stay on auto ship, which is a very important factor to success. This creates long-term residual income. In addition, it means totally focusing on one team, rather than trying to build multiple teams at the same time. Once one leg is growing rapidly and doing well another streamline leg can be started

It is much easier for new distributors starting out to focus on building one strong leg first, rather than trying to build multiple legs. It also means as the new rep starts sponsoring people everyone is focused on helping each other, rather than competing with each other.
Although building your network marketing business using streamline sponsoring does not guarantee your success it does gives you a better chance at achieving long lasting success in the home based business. Your efforts are required to maximize the potential of streamline sponsoring.

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