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Monday, February 25, 2013

Working in Depth

A cardinal rule is that no distributors, no matter how successful or large his organization,ever quits personally sponsoring. However, it is also true that the responsibility to help those people in his down line succeed by helping them build their own organizations. For a growing business, the question is one of balance and priority. There is not enough time to do everything. Security and stability of a large business network lay in its depth rather than width. Conventional wisdom emphasize largely on the need for front line sponsoring.

There are several factors that  discourage distributors from working in depth.

1. The marketing plan in itself made personal sponsorship profitable making the distributors wide and shallow generating an immediate high level income for the recruiter but not sustainable resulting to high attrition in the organization

2. The corporation’s system of recognizing achievements was base almost entirely on width. In rewarding incentives and pins for various level of success- Director, Diamond Director... and so on…the pay offs honored width almost totally to the exclusions of depth

3. The philosophy of the business was that new members were expected to work on their own resulting to break off from there sponsor and instead have a direct relationship with the corporation itself. The result that once an individual reach the direct level (25%), suddenly found themselves nudge out of the nest and told to look directly to the corporation for leadership.
This maybe applicable on the early stage of a corporation but when the corporations matures and grow, the ability to provide, support, and motivate the growing number of independent business owners would diminish. for the team to become a vast and a global network enterprise’ resilient enough to survive in the network business for many generations, the team must be very deep as well as very wide. 
Ultimately, we must measure, our own success not on how many distributors we have in our business, not even how many directs we have but how many leaders we have develop. Developing close personal relationship and high trust would lead the EmpoweredTeams to become a global enterprise. Valuing leadership and mentorship building depth first to invest on the success of our team members would make us successful.

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