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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dealing with Negative People

In Building your network marketing business there are two kinds of negative people you will meet.
1. People who are uninformed or misinformed – this are the people who do not know anything about the business or do not know the FACTS of what network marketing truly is. They do not understand the business so they make fun of what you do, or try to make you look bad for doing something good. THIS PEOPLE YOU CAN HELP, if you are skilled enough to get them to listen.

So what will you do... FOR A START GIVE THEM THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT!! Listen to what they say. Try to understand the person mabe he/she had been a victim of a network marketing scam.look for signs if the person is only occasionally negative, Do they smile or do they frown, do they listen openly. Does their general manner makes you feel good about them. And when you try to explain stick to the facts and do not get led into disagreement or trying to defend your side. Let the fact of the business speak. And show a good positive attitude. Remain confident because you know that you are right and know the business much better than the person.and when you have explain your side to the person do not expect them to change overnight. Instead BUILD A GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH THE PERSON. Show that you truly care for him. Your attitude towards them. Will help them open-up to take a second look about your business.Be patient most especially if that person is important to you. Take a little effort to help him understand what you are doing.

2.People who are NEGATIVE AS A WAY OF LIFE.they are just negative about everything and anything. Even if you try YOU CAN NOT. The only thing that you can do for them is to HELP them build their self-esteem. They mabe also been misinformed about the business, but truly the real problem is that they are generally NEGATIVE about everything. There are only Few people who are like this..

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