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 I’m Arnold Lozano. I’m a professional network marketer and also the founder of the Empowredteams Business support group. 

I am a High school Graduate from Baguio City High School and also a former Hotel Attendant at Camp John Hay USAFB way back in 1989 till 1998. 
I got involved in the network marketing Industry in March of 2005 and up to the present I am still in this Industry.

I love reading Books not only a hobby but it became a passion for me to read. Most books that I read are on Church History, The Life of the Saints, Leadership Books. Personal Development books Motivational books, Inspirational, books on business and financial Independence. . My Favorite is Living Loving learning By Leo Buscadlia and Jonathan Livingstone sea gull.

 I love to meet like minded people. I am also involved in my parish as a member of the BEC.   

Being in the network marketing industry had developed my Leadership skills. Handling your Team is a real challenge because you have no leverage on them, you must be a leader of influence a leader that create Vision to motivate your team to move.  Network marketing is all about leadership your success will always depend on your leadership abilities. That is what I love in the industry not only that it gives you the promise of financial freedom it is a good training ground for future leaders and entrepreneurs 

I came to learn about blogging through my research on how to market my business on line. I have read ebooks about it and have learned to love it. Blogging for me is a way for me to share my knowledge and ideas about The network marketing. And my personal experiences It is here that I also share what I have learned from what I Have read. 

My primary porpoise why I started blogging is to share my knowledge to my Down Lines who are busy and have no time to come to our weekly gatherings and through my blog post I could teach and Mentor them on Line.

And Hopefully I could also share my Knowledge and ideas to all who are out there in the virtual world and hoping that you to could learn something from me.

Abundance TO ALL!


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